Voor 16:00 besteld morgen in huis.

Fit & Style gaat even op vakantie van 17 t/m 25 Augustus

Maandag 26 Augustus staan we weer voor je klaar. En dan zullen ook de orders van de vakantieweek verwerkt worden.


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At Gavelo we don ́t only care about how good you look when you work out, we also put a lot of effort and thought into this beautiful planet. We always strive after inovative solutions and creative ways to put a durable garment on your body that makes minimum ecological footprints on our planet.

As production goes we try to have every type of textile in-house to prevent logistical emission and when we really have to ship we strive to find the most environment friendly way. UPS-carbon neutral fees are always payed accordingly and when possible, we don ́t ship. We also compensate for our flight transport by planting trees in the rainforest of Borneo.

So when you drink a soda in a PET bottle and leave it for recycling, it might just become a pair of high quality Gavelo tights. Our tights are made out of (73%) recycled PET (rPET) and (27%) Lycra.

We strive to become 100% eco friendly for several reasons.First of all we can ́t personally see a future where we, the people of the earth, wear out every single natural resource without a single thought about the future. We also like to preserve the nature, after all, that ́s where we find most of our inspiration for new designs.

Some of the textiles we work with will always have a negative effect on our planet, but we promise to always make our very best of every situation and garment.

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